For over 10 years, Haydn Adams has been faculty at Academy of Art University, teaching both under the Web Design + New Media department & under the School of Illustration. Below are courses that Haydn Adams has taught, and at times, authored.

ILL 455: Editorial Illustration for Apps and Publication

Illustrations and photographs will be created specifically for tablet native and mobile device digital publications. Students will leave with a portfolio of animated, enhanced, and interactive work designed specifically for mobile devices. Digital publishing software and formats will be covered.

The course was further cross-listed under the following departments:

  • ADV 498 04: Collaborative Project: Interactive Digital Magazine
  • ADV 800 11: Directed Study: Directed Study
  • ILL 800 29: Directed Study: Illustration 43
  • WNM 498 05: Collaborative Project: Interactive Digital Magazine

Haydn both taught & wrote the curriculum for this course.

WNM 290: User Experience Design 2

Emphasis will be placed on the Information Architect as point person in the planning and development stages to ensure an interactive product for the internet best serves the user. The specific tasks indigenous to this role will be explored in depth.

ILL 133: Digital Media 1: Photography & Imaging

The successful use of a camera to record reference and inspiration is an essential tool for artists, as is an understanding of Photoshop for manipulation of images. This course merges these two essential skills in a fun yet challenging environment, allowing artists to gain skills and create narrative content to further skills in respective majors.

WNM 249 01: Web Design 1

Students will construct web pages utilizing Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Site planning, page layout, navigation, file management, cross-browser compatibility and semantic markup strategies will be employed to create highly usable, standards-based web sites. Web typography, form styling and the CSS Box Model will be introduced.

Haydn both taught and wrote the rubric for this course

WNM 606: MS: Principles of UX

This course addresses the principles of usable design such as listening to users, understanding the medium and the ability to bridge the two with a well-designed user interface. Objectively evaluate the usability of products, design from user requirements, and test designs to verify successes or uncover flaws.

WNM 801: MS: Group Directed Study: User Experience

Graduate students work in group directed study to work through all stages of their complex interactive thesis project using a user-centered design approach. Students conduct design research and requirements analysis to solidify information architecture and wireframes. Through iterative usability evaluation, students produce completed prototype and design specification for thesis projects. Hours/ Week: 3 Cap: 6 Fee: 100.00 (not applicable to online sections) Prerequisites:Graduate students with an approved Final Thesis Project proposal & WNM 608 (WNM 801 User Experience may be not be taken concurrently with WNM 801 Visual Design)

Additional Course Information

We will examine, and cross-examine, the inner workings of New Media thesis projects from taxonomy, hierarchy, sitemaps, wireframes and message, while the student develops a uniquely individual expertise, through practice and testing, for successfully intuitive interface products.

WNM 801: MS: Group Directed Study: Responsive Web

In this course, graduate students will develop Final Thesis Projects as web applications that can run on any desktop or mobile platform. Students will learn techniques in coding HTML5, CSS3, and other appropriate open web standards including data storage and API communications. These methods can be applied to any thesis web application project.

WNM 230 02: Digital Imaging 2

This class acquaints the student with Photoshop’s tool sets, techniques, capabilities and commands. Students will learn to make accurate selections, create digital composites and work with contrast and color control/correction and layers, while developing efficiency skills for the many applications of digital imaging.

GR 182: Web Tools: Standards Compliant

Students will learn basic web page design and production skills using HTML, CSS and standards compliant techniques. Navigation standards, web-optimized images, formatting type using styles, communication models, web applications, positioning and structure, designing for targeted users, accessibility and testing will be covered while the students design their web sites.

WNM 210 03: Visual Design & Typography 1

This course focuses on developing design and production skills for printed publications. Students use industry-standard digital tools to efficiently and accurately create 2D graphic elements and content. Basic visual design and production techniques are covered, including typography, vector-based graphics, and approaches to corporate identity and branding.

WNM 120: Interactive Design & User Experience

The fundamental concepts of design for interactive media are covered in this course. Focus will be on user interface (UI) design, usability, interactivity, user experience, prototypes for commercial interactive marketing and communications, information architecture for web design and other interactive delivery mediums on the horizon.

WNM 110 01: Visual Design Principles

This course covers the fundamentals of design theory, principles, and the design process. Students will learn to develop concepts for digital print, multimedia and web design projects, and will be introduced to the principles of typography, color theory, research, strategic planning, approaches to solving design problems, developing thumbnails, roughs, layouts and comps.