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Get your head in the clouds

If you’re like me, you check your phone at least 10 times a minute. Text messages, Facebook notifications and the countless other push notifications continually blow up your phone.

Yes, airplanes now have wifi (some, not all), yet you still have to actively activate that access point. Otherwise, for the duration of the flight, you’re cut off digitally from that noise.

It’s during that time, that time when you’re head is in the clouds, that allows you

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How I picked my AirBnB in Rarotonga

In 2015, I decided to fly to the Cook Islands, by way of Air New Zealand. I figured that I had always wanted to visit a remote tropical island somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The only two things I knew were my arrival and departure dates. Otherwise everything was completely new to me.

I hopped online and checked out AirBnB. There were numerous locations to choose from on all sides of the island. Each one

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Inspirational Timelapse | Aitutaki & Adventure

Traveling isn’t an option in my life, it’s a requirement. Earlier in the year, I convinved my Dad to come with me to the Cook Islands. Not knowing more than Air New Zealand was going take us there, we boarded a plane from the U.S.A. and were dropped off on a remote island (next plane to the states is in 6 days).

In addition to being on the main island,

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